Lyrically speaking

I really enjoy songwriting. I can't paint so I draw pictures with words and music. My recently posted song "Reckless Hear Restless Soul" is a picture painted in broad sad strokes. My wife Jo said to me "I don't like that song. It's about cheatin". Well, yes I suppose so. But it's not a celebration of infidelity. It's a sad observation on the emptiness and loneliness of an affair. Here are the lyrics. You be the judge.

Reckless heart restless soul Tonight temptation will slip into their lives and try to take hold They both know The price they will pay forever loving in secret just moments they steal away

A tiny voice whispers this is so wrong as they pull each other closer they've crossed the line and they can't go back but in the morning when they're sober the emptiness hasn't been undone they needed someone to hold them till the morning sun chased the loneliness out of the darkness and into the day

tell me why do they love why do they cry are their hearts half empty half full tell me why emptiness that just can't be undone they need someone to hold them till the morning sun chases loneliness out of the darkness and into the day

So, there ya go. Let me know your thoughts folks. Steve Stallings

The "Coreluv International" Music Project

 I need to let you know about a wonderful organization that is working to defend the orphans in Haiti. These folks are truly making a difference in the incredibly vulnerable orphaned children of Haiti. I know that there are many wonderful and caring organizations around the world that really do try to make a difference in the suffering, disadvantaged areas of the world. In fact, my wife and I support "World Vision" thru a monthly donation supporting a child in Mozambique.

 Coreluv International is a bit more personal for myself as I have been able to personally meet several of the folks working with them. This is a much smaller organization where any gift can really make a difference.

 Along that line, I recently wrote a song "When Words Fail". I contacted Coreluv with a proposal and here we are. I am donating all money from the sale of this single directly to them. You can buy and download it on CD Baby. All funds from this single will be donated to Coreluv.    You might be asking yourself "Hmm, well how can one relatively unknown singer-songwriter make much of a difference?"  Aha! here is the part I am praying will work.  I am throwing out a challenge to musicians everywhere. Can you do the same as myself and donate a song to the orphans? Look in your heart. How can you not meet this challenge?

 Please... take just a few minutes to see if you can make a difference in an orphans life. Copy this note and send it along with included contact information for myself and Coreluv to your favorite artist or group.  Ask them to contribute one song to save a child. Don't be bashful. Repost this anywhere you wish and as often as you can.

Together, we can make a difference.


Steve Stallings

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